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NEW * - Seven Seas - Rockville, MD - 1776 E Jefferson St # 112 - 8/15/2008 - Dinner
Initially, I discovered a piece of plastic in the seafood soup. Mentioned to the waitress and ignored. We ordered a whole fried fish and another seafood dish (can't remember which). The waitress was not available most of the time. Our water glass empty. Other waitress did not bother to ask us if we need help with anything. It's more of a territorial thing. The worst part came at the end. When we got our check with fortune cookies and sliced oranges, my daughter discovered a dead fly on one of the sliced oranges. I have the pictures with the fly and the bill. I finally asked for the manager and took off 10% off the bill. I will NEVER eat at Seven Seas in Rockville, MD again. Customers beware. Place is very unsanitary. Health inspector should pay a surprise visit. ...RP

NEW *** - Andalucia - 12300 Wilkins Ave. Rockville, MD - Dinner - 11/24/07

My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of dining at the newly renovated and reopened Andalucia Restaurant. It has changed owners and the menu now features a blend of Northern Spanish, Portuguese, and Hearty Italian dishes.

The ambience was rustic. The decor evokes the type of intimate, old-world style dining experience, while the flat screens at the new bar allow access to the wide world of sports and news.

Our Server was polite and when he did not know the answer to a question about the menu he quickly checked with the chef and relayed us a definitive answer.

The wine list leaves something to be desired, but with excellent prices for the Spanish and Portuguese wines, and a half-price bottle night (for which we will be returning), it worked nicely.

The star of this evening was the food. Robustly flavored dishes served in generous portions. We started with the grilled calamari in lemon garlic sauce and then I had an individual paella that blew the old Andalucia's paella off the map. My girlfriend chose the filet mignon and the quality of the cut was better than I expected. Quite excellent.

At the end I had a wonderful Segafredo Espresso (if you've never had segafredo you don't know what you're missing) and she had caramel flan.

The For the price, the new Andalucia delivers a great bargain. If you're not feeling like that same tired spaghetti house, I recommend you head down to Andalucia. I doubt you will be disappointed. ...EC

**** - Amalfi Ristorante Italiano - 12307 Wilkins Avenue, Rockville, MD - March 2, 2006 - Dinner

My daughter recently planned a surprise party for me at Amalfi in Rockville. She reserved the private dining room for our planned party of 15 (the room holds 35, I think). Unfortunately, we were off on the head count and 28 people showed up (almost double)!! The Amalfi staff and management handled it very well, and seemlessly... before my daughter could even say anything to the staff, they had noticed the increased attendance and printed up the additional copies of the customized menu for our group, brought out additional appetizers, and had us seated in no time - all on a already busy night. Kudos and many thanks to them for pulling off what could have been a chaotic night - and all with a smile! ...S4B

**** - L'Oustalet - King Farm - 302 King Farm Blvd #110, Rockville, MD 20850 - Lunch/Dinner - May-July 2006

This is the restaurant any food lover would not want to miss and definitely a place for palate satisfaction. I have been there for at least 8 times in the last three months, and I am really amazed that they have a broad spectrum of menu, and no matter lunch or dinner- soup, appetizer, entree and dessert- every dish is impeccable and excellent. You really feel you are having a very pleasant conversation with food while eating them. The chef is not only a chef but also a food artist: he leads diners to explore and expand their tasting repertoire with impressive presentation of the dishes.

The atmosphere is very soothing and cozy and the service is excellent, they are always aware of what diners need without interruption. You feel you are in a "food spa"- you are relaxing with food.

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, L'Oustalet is definitely a place you should visit. ...JLT

**** - L'oustalet - King Farm - 302 King Farm Blvd #110, Rockville, MD 20850 - Lunch & Dinner - February 2006

Absolutely devine. The service and food were impeccable! Would highly suggest the seared foie gras, lamb, duck, & souffles. I would also suggest trying the specials of the evening and the prix fixed menu available for lunch for only $19.95! Great value for the prices in the menu. ...JR

**** - That's Amore - 15201 Shady Grove, Rockville - Dinner - 2/2/06

We started out with ordering a very nice wine from the extensive wine menu and calamari. The calamari was servered hot and cripy. Then my wife had a tradional Ceasar salad, very nice and fresh. I tried the Italian wedding soup and was pleasantly surprised. We both ahd Veal Caprese for main course. It was absolutely delightful, served with a light sage sause and perfectly prepared asparagus. We ended with Espresso and regular coffe. There was simply no room in our very satified stomachs for dessert. I would highly recommend That's Amore to all Italian Food Lovers. ... KB

ZERO STARS - Worst reviews from customers!

Andalucia Restaurant - Rockville -Dinner - 9/27/2005

My wife and I had the displeasure of eating dinner there last night.

The service is terrible. "Waitress"/college student daughter of the owner does not know what service with a smile is. I cannot believe they have the nerve to charge you an automatic 18% gratuity for such horrible service. For a $65 meal, you really don't get much food on your table.

About the food .there's not much positive to say. Our main dishes were extremely bland, and way overpriced for what you get. Seafood does not seem fresh and the chef overcooks it all to rubber like feel. For example the mussels in every dish we ordered were consistently cooked to the point of being dry and chewy.

I've eaten all over DC/MD/VA at numerous restaurants and this was one of the least satisfying dining experiences I've endured. I would advise patrons to steer clear of this restaurant and spend their money on other much better establishments. They may have been decent in the past but it's clear why their last Zagat award was given to them 13 years ago. You leave the restaurant feeling ripped off.

A restaurant to avoid for sure. I would not be surprised to hear someday soon that they are closing their doors for good. ...DA

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